GSoC 2024 - Midterm Evaluation open July 8 18:00 UTC - July 12 18:00 UTC

Dear GSoC Contributors,

Hope you all are doing great. It’s been inspiring to follow your weekly reports and the progress through the initial weeks of GSoC 2024. We trust you’re enjoying the tasks and the interactions with the community as well.

This announcement serves as a gentle reminder for the Midterm evaluation submission. The evaluation dashboard is now active and will remain so until July 12, 18:00 UTC. You should have already received an email from the GSoC Admins team regarding this.

It is mandatory for all the GSoC contributors to submit Mentor Evaluations before the deadline and this is a hard deadline. Completing the evaluation only takes a couple of minutes, so we would encourage you to do it right away so that you don’t forget it.

Dear Mentors,

Please ensure you complete evaluations for your respective contributors before the deadline. Your feedback is crucial for our GSoC students’ progress and success in the program. You should have already received an email from the GSoC Admins team regarding this.

Please Note: Here are some FAQs regarding the Evaluations:

Q. When will I be able to submit the Mentor/Contributor Evaluations?
→ Starting from July 8 18:00 UTC till July 12 18:00 UTC.

Q. What are the steps to complete the evaluations?
→ Go to your Dashboard on the GSoC program site. Click on the option to submit the evaluation and fill out the form.

Q. May I find the questions beforehand for heads-up?
→ Yes. Please follow this link.

Q. What would happen if a student fails to submit the Mentor Evaluation in time?
→ The student fails and would be removed from the program. More details here.

We encourage you to complete the evaluations within the next 48 hours and not wait for the last moment.

All the best with your ongoing project! Happy coding!

Kind regards,
Your OSGeo GSoC Admins