GSoC 2024: Week 4 Report: Improve GRASS user experience in Jupyter Notebook

Hello everyone,

I would like to provide an update on the work completed during the fourth week of my coding period.

Progress Report for the Fourth Week:

  1. Accomplishments:
  • Query Button in InteractiveMap [1]:
    • Tried to dynamically compute query threshold distance.
    • Made some minor changes in the display of Query buttton.
  • Computational Region Drawing [2]:
    • Added the Computational Region Button which, when activated, allows the user to draw the computational region using DrawControl, and the user can save that region with save region button which will then be added to the layers of the map.
    • Tried to use ipyleaflet.rectangle instead of DrawControl which is not working out.
  • Gave Presentation Attend about my project in GRASS Community Meeting Prague 2024.[3]
  1. Plans for the Next Week:
  • Continue developing the feature to allow users to draw computational regions.
  • Improve the Query Mode functionality.
  1. Blockers:
  • None

[1] Add Query Button to InteractiveMap
[2] Allow Users to draw computational region
[3] GRASS Community Meeting Prague 2024 - GRASS-Wiki

For more information, you can check the following links:

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