Booth Operation Progressing

preparations of this years Intergeo exhibition and congress in Munich, Germany are progressing. I added some more details to the Wiki.

It is not much yet but there will be a lot of work connected to it when we do it. Notice: "when" we do it, not "if" we do it - I am very much in favor to go ahead. We will therefore need to force, propel, accelerate discussion and - yes, I know - in Germany much of this will have to be done by me myself and maybe I :-). But I start to get positive feedback and it seems like some are catching on - although we are far from launching anything comparable to Asia (kudos).

I invited Olaf Freier to join discussion and Wiki, we will have to involve FunCom in the discussion and start fixing sponsors.

The idea is that we can use this setup at several occasions so that idea, organization and material are reusable (lazy hackers only do it once).

Best regards,