Appologies if this goes through twice, I think I jumped the gun on
sending this before I was fully subscribed.

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From: David Bitner <>
Date: May 15, 2006 12:09 PM
Subject: CGIIRC

Sys Admin Committee:

Is there anyway that we can get CGIIRC
( or some other web-based irc client
set up for #osgeo and other related groups (#mapserver, #gdal,
#postgis, #kamap, ...) so folks who sit behind a firewall at work can
still have access to irc.

I have CGIIRC set up on my home machine that I have been using -- it
works quite well. Problem is, my connection is not always the
greatest and the ip sometimes changes and I don't realize it and I end
up at work with no access.

I would imagine there are others who are stuck behind firewalls that
would find this useful as well.