Cost of trademarking "OSGeo" - Board to decide go/no go

There has been discussion about the foundation trademarking "OSGeo" and
"Open Source Geospatial Foundation". Our legal resource reports that
the cost to file an application for a trademark is a minimum of

The board needs to decide direction here and provide funding if needed.
This can be a topic of discussion on Sunday/Monday.


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Hi Peter and Rich,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this. Very rough
estimate of the fees to file one trademark in the U.S. (including
attorney time to prepare the application) are: $1100-1500. This is just
to file the application.

Occasionally with some trademarks, you have problems with the trademark
office objecting to the mark or a third party opposing the application.
If this happens, additional fees will apply. Based on what I've seen so
far, I don't have any reason to believe this would be the case with
"OSGeo" or the "Open Source Geospatial Foundation" (our informal Google
searches came up very clean) but that is difficult to know in advance.

I've spoken briefly with Rich Foehr and his first concern was whether
there was anything in the OSGeo bylaws or about OSGeo's status as a
non-profit that would prevent Autodesk from providing the funds to
register the trademark. Rich, do you know of anything?


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I agree with recommendation to trademark "OSGeo" and "Open Source
Geospatial Foundation". Any word back from Rich F.?

Any idea how much it costs per trademark? The foundation members are



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You should also speak with Gary Lang. If Rich4 doesn't approve
funding, Gary can (if willing) find it in his budget to apply for
registrations. Although you'll have to convince him why that is money
well spent...

Quoting Jennifer Daehler <>:


Forgot to add one more OSGeo trademark-related comment.

I need to discuss with Rich Foehr about whether Autodesk would be
willing to fund any trademark registration for OSGeo.

Depending on what he says, my recommendation would be that OSGeo try


register with the USPTO:


"Open Source Geospatial Foundation"

If Autodesk will only fund one registration, then I'd probably go with
"OSGeo", though we can think about this more if it is the case.

I don't really recommend trying to register the logo. The "word" part
of the logo would be fairly protected under the above registrations.
Also, logo registrations can take a long time and get bogged down. We
also may have some copyright right in the logo that we could latch


I think the word mark registrations give a little more bang for the

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