DNS Management

Auke Jilderda wrote:

Hi Frank,

we have done this before and it is quite easy. I will file a CRM ticket
with our support any time we have something like that.


OK, cool.

Could you add a note to:


On the process folks ought to follow to get a DNS pointers? ie. file
a ticket against support.osgeo.org? I'd appreciate it if you could
update this page with any new special DNS entries you add.

That said, bear in mind that OSGeo should be careful not to create a
project with the same name as a subdomain. If that happens, the project
is not accessible. For instance, a project "wiki" (wiki.osgeo.org)
would not be accessible since that domainname redirects to the Wiki
server. Note that a multi-level sub domain is not a problem. For
example, something.else.osgeo.org can be redirected without conflicting
with a "else" project (aka else.osgeo.org) being accessible.

Right, understood. It is very nice that we can create specific
subdomains beneath a project without disturbing the project functioning.

Question is how OSGeo would like to organise who approves a sub domain?
For example the subdomain Jo just requested.

My suggestion is that as long as the request comes from a responsible party,
and doesn't conflict with a project, that you go ahead and do it, then update
the DNS wiki page, and notify SAC (ie. sac@sac.osgeo.org). If you are
uncertain about the request then refer it to SAC for feedback.

We want to keep things pretty light on process I think.

For creating projects, Daniel as CM was already authorized to create new
projects for "working groups", and local chapters in formation if he felt
the request was non-controversial, so that would also apply to you. If you
are uncertain then I think you could refer the issue to the board for
a show of support.

Best regards,
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