Fake or Real QGIS sponsor from Mexico?

Hi all

I was looking for the Mexico’s QGIS webpage so I entered on google search:
qgis mexico

Clicked on the top option that has the name “gismexico” with in its URL
On the “Nosotros” (About us) you can see the following not clickable icons

Oh cool, I thought, but I asked if I arrived to the correct place, and no
This is the correct one:

So they are using OSGeo Logo with out a link back to OSGeo, and QGIS bronze sponsor, again no link back to QGIS.

I tried to find the QGIS sponsors page because of the logo for QGIS bronze sponsor.
I could not find it

Can some one help me find the list of sponsors of QGIS?


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Hey Vicky,
QGIS has no sponsors we have sustaining members since 4-5 years. That logo is outdated.

We are aware of the issue in the qgis psc and are acting to get that solved.

But iirc they were sponsors.


@mbernasocchi good to see you around!
Yes, indeed, they’re sustaining members. They think their donation entitles them to steal our domain and do whatever they what with the QGIS.mx and QGIS.com.mx domains, which is sad, because they’re “supporting QGIS too” (something they told to @hbecerra last year). They verbally agreed to give the domain back but they never actually complied.