FOSSGIS 2006 Report

we are recovering from the FOSSGIS 2006 conference which was a great success. 40 presentations, 11 workshops, references to some 20 Free and Open Source Software GIS packages including all 8 that are currently incubating at OSGeo. 330 participants accompanied presentations, contributed to the workshops and joined in discussions for two day including an evening event. Besides the majority coming from Germany we were happy to welcome visitors from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

We (the 2006 organizing committee)
learned a lot about what people want and need during the whole conference.

At the end of the conference we had a round up plenary meeting discussing how to organize the next event.

I will put together a report summarizing each point for further discussion in English.

Additionally we wanted to suggest to distribute a more general report via the announce list ( to a broader audience - if this list is intended to be used for this kind of information. We are putting together a press release and I would be happy to translate in to English.

The pages at are still rather empty. I suggest to at least put some links there.

Best regards,