FreeGIS Book

Seems like everybody is waiting. What are we waiting for exactly? There
are still some unanswered questions on the discuss page whether Mediawiki
is the best platform to do it. There is no good translation mechanism in
Mediawiki. The idea probably being that many things are not relevant to
translate to other languages (see Wikipedia) as they do not apply there.
Tribute to diversity.
Does this make sense for a FreeGIS book? Probably not as the content in
most cases *can* be translated straight into other languages. On the other
hand - who is gonna do it? To get going we should probably just start the
Wiki right away and if required move it later. It is getting easier by the
day to migrate stuff. Alternatively set up another Drupal, I really like
to OSGeo prototype:

This has to be decided (voted, approved) by EduCom.

what is the status on high, secure, normal platforms? Where to put the Wiki?


Arnulf Christl