[Gfoss] announcement: new tool for grid-based reprojection

Un nuovo plugin di QGIS, utile per riproiettare con il metodo delle griglie.
Spero vi sia utile.
Scusate, ma non faccio in tempo a tradurre l'annuncio in italiano.

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Hi all.
Faunalia is developing a plugin to help the user reproject rasters and
vectors using NTv2 grids or towgs84 parameters.
The plugin is already available as experimental in the Faunalia
It needs qgis >= 1.6 but remember that in qgis 1.6 you will need to
install manually (using osgeo4w under Windows or your package manager
under Linux) the pyspatialite library and also that only qgis 1.7
reproject rasters.
What the plugin does for now:
* it allows the user to create a list of transformations choosing the input
(A) and output (B) CRSs plus a NTv2 grid or towgs84 parameters and the
names to be given to the two resulting custom CRSs
* then, when the user add a layer with the A CRS in a project defined with
the B CRS, a window pops up asking if an A to B transformation has
to applied.
What the plugin will also do:
* it will allow to easily create copies of layers in another CRSs and
applying a certain transformation along the way.
The plugin is actually called "transformation tools" but we are open
to suggestions.
As always, feedback welcome. Please note that we are in the early stages of development.
Thanks to the Regione Emilia Romagna for supporting this work, to Giuseppe Sucameli
for developing and to Giovanni Manghi for design & testing.
Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc