[Gfoss] cosa significa open standard

Visto che la chiarezza non e' mai troppa, questo "a.e.i.o.u." puo' risultar utile a
chiarire, in modo semplice, alcuni concetti non sempre ovvi (non quanto dovrebbero).
Sarebbe bello se qualcuno li traducesse e li inserisse su gfoss.it, IMHO.

- - -Applicable (without restrictions): free from legal or
   technical clauses that limit its utilisation by any party or in any
business model,

- - Existing (implementations): available in multiple
   complete implementations by competing vendors, or as a complete
   implementation equally available to all parties.

- - Independent (of a single vendor): managed and further
   developed independently of any single vendor in a process open to the
equal participation of competitors and third parties

- - Open (specification): subject to full public assessment
   and use without constraints in a manner equally available to all partie

- - Untainted (with dependencies to closed standards):
   without any components or extensions that have dependencies on
formats or protocols that do not meet the definition of an Open
Standard themselves

Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc