[Gfoss] due documenti INSPIRE interessanti: "licence" e "SOAP binding"

sulla "Licence"

Nell'Annex B (pag. 29) c'è una bozza di "Basic INSPIRE licence":
The product (as defined below) is provided under the terms of this
licence. By exercising any rights to the product provided here, the
user accepts and agrees to be bound by this licence.
The supplier grants the user a non-exclusive and non-transferable
licence to use the Product according to the terms of the INSPIRE
Directive and [Instrument] xxx (these implementing rules).
Use for any purpose other than permitted by this Licence is expressly
prohibited without the prior written permission of the supplier, who
in its sole discretion may deny such permission or claim a separate
additional charge for it.
4. Public access may be allowed to the spatial data set or service, or
any data or service derived from it.

su "SOAP binding" [1]

Disponibile il documento "INSPIRE Network Services SOAP Framework ".
Dal documento (pag. 6):
A number of arguments can be listed in favour of SOAP/WSDL approach
for the INSPIRE network
    * SOAP web services are becoming the standard information
technology and thus support more sustainable implementing rules;
    * SOAP web service ensure smooth and complete integration in
development environments;
    * SOAP web services yield a direct and full integration with other
web service environments;
    * SOAP web services have the possibility to support geo rights
management services by using
    * SOAP envelope data (see chapter "Geo Rights Management").

[1] http://www.freegis-italia.org//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=485&Itemid=33

Piergiorgio Cipriano