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Una buona notizia, mi pare.

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Dear all,

We're proud to announce the release of GeoNetwork opensource 2.4.0. This
is a major release for the project.

GeoNetwork opensource ( http://geonetwork-opensource.org
<ttp://geonetwork-opensource.org"> ) is a standards based geospatial
catalog application that helps people and organizations to organize and
publish their geospatial data through the web. It is currently used in
numerous Spatial Data Infrastructure initiatives across the world.

Important improvements have been made to ease of use, advanced metadata
editing, performance and interoperability making it one of the most
advanced, if not the most advanced geospatial metadata catalog available
on the market today.

The software provides an easy to use web interface to search geospatial
data across multiple catalogs, combine distributed map services in the
embedded map viewer, send annotated interactive maps to friends by
email, publish geospatial data using the online metadata editing tools
and optionally the embedded GeoServer map server. Administrators have
the option to manage user and group accounts, configure the server
through web based and desktop utilities and schedule metadata harvesting
from other catalogs.

You will find support for a number of metadata formats (ISO19115/19119
following ISO19139, FGDC and Dublin Core), a number of catalog
interfaces (OGC-CSW2.0.2 ISO profile client and server, OAI-PMH client
and server, GeoRSS server, GEO OpenSearch server, WebDAV harvesting,
GeoNetwork to GeoNetwork harvesting support).

A single, platform independent installer allows to install and run the
software on a PC or a server on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The
installer can be downloaded as an executable Windows file or as a
platform independent .jar installer. It creates a Start menu on Windows
computers. Command line installations are also possible for remote
installations. Please refer to chapter 6 of the manual for detailed
installation instructions.

The GeoNetwork community has been expanding quickly over the last years.
The current release has been possible because of all those that
contributed to the project through code contributions, testing, bug
reports and fixes as well as many suggestions.

GeoNetwork opensource is part of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation
(OSGeo, http://www.osgeo.org <ttp://www.osgeo.org">) software stack,
providing software you can trust tobe free, open and sustainable.
Voluntary support is provided through mailing lists, websites and online
Several companies also provide commercial support to help organizations
to implement, integrate and maintain the software. You can find them in
the Service Provider directory on the OSGeo website.

Thanks and congratulations to the all community members!
Jeroen Ticheler

Jeroen Ticheler
GeoCat bv
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7384 CT Wilp
Tel: +31 (0)6 81286572
http://geocat.net <ttp://geocat.net">

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