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Da: “Arnulf Christl” <arnulf.christl@metaspatial.net>
Data: 12/lug/2013 15:37
Oggetto: [Geodata] OSGeo is registered as an INSPIRE SDIC
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INSPIRE (or rather the JRC which is driving force behind implementing
it) searches for contributors to a standards / implementation
maintenance group. If you want to register yourself and have no other
affiliation please feel free to use the OSGeo SDIC as reference.

PLEASE NOTE that no costs will be reimbursed - it is expected that
people happily contribute their life time for free. Having said that -
you might find a sponsor in one of the member states who will be happy
to pay you for your work. So registering here m might potentially help
you to get noticed. Just a suggestion, no guarantee that this will work…

to be able to register at the portal for a Spatial Data Interest
Community (SDIC) I have (again) registered OSGeo on the INSPIRE portal.
They only allow one representative for each SDIC which makes absolutely
no sense at all for OSGeo but hey, thats the flexible world of the
European Union, right? Ahrgl. For now my name is there but I am more
than happy to step back if anybody else is interested.

I have copied the information from the INSPIRE portal to our Wiki. This
is just for reference so that we know what is going on (the OSGeo entry
is apparently not visible on the INSPIRE portal - so not sure why they
hunted me through a dozen web forms…):

Have a nice weekend,

Arnulf Christl (Executive Director)
Open Source Geospatial Software, Data and Services

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