[Gfoss] GEOS 3.1.0


The GEOS team is pleased to announce that GEOS 3.1.0 has been pushed
out the door, cold, wet, trembling and looking for love.


Version 3.1.0 includes a number of improvements over the 3.0 version:

    * PreparedGeometry operations for very fast predicate testing.
          o Intersects()
          o Covers()
          o CoveredBy()
          o ContainsProperly()
    * Easier builds under MSVC and OpenSolaris
    * Thread-safe CAPI option
    * IsValidReason added to CAPI
    * CascadedUnion operation for fast unions of geometry sets
    * Single-sided buffering operation added
    * Numerous bug fixes.

Users of the upcoming PostGIS 1.4 will find that compiling against
GEOS 3.1 provides them access to some substantial performance
improvements and some extra functions.


Stefano Costa
http://www.iosa.it/ Open Archaeology