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This is to announce version 6.4 of GPSMan, available from


At this moment only the basic archives are available and links to the
Debian, RPM and FreeBSD packages will be added when possible.

This release fixes some bugs in the previous one and includes
the changes in the list below.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who contributed
code, or helped with tests, bug reports and suggestions.

Best wishes,
Miguel Filgueiras
Changes since 6.3.2:

- support for the Russian language, kindly contributed by Nikolai

- new option for default on displaying items on map when reading a
  file; asked by Valère Robin.

- changes in the edit/show windows for routes, tracks and
  polylines: new way of selecting points, affecting the way some edit
  operations work, and new Split operation that creates new
  items of the same type by cutting the original item at certain
  points; in answer to suggestions by Zvi Grauer.

- side-view elevation graphs now answer to Control-key and
  mouse left-button showing the number of the nearest point, its
  altitude and cumulative distance or time; contributed by Benoit
  Steiner. There is a new button for displaying/hiding vertical
  grid lines; asked by Rudolf Martin. Distances in the horizontal
  axis are now shown and gaps between segments are displayed as
  interrupted lines.

- new values in computation of track parameters:

  - cummulative ascent (height of climbing); contributed by Benoit
  - cummulative descent, maximum and minimum altitudes; asked by
    Rudolf Martin.
  - total distance and time not considering gaps between segments.
  - the average speed is now computed not considering gaps between

  Altitude related parameters only shown if there is altitude
  information, and total distance and time not considering gaps only
  shown if different from totals including gaps.

- enhanced support for the least squares fit geo-referencing
  method that can now be used with the affine, affine conformal and
  affine conformal with no rotation transformations, and produce
  information on the deviations of control points after a least
  squares fit; with the kind assistance of J. B. Mehl who provided the
  formulas and helped with tests.

- support for the EOV (Hungarian National) projection and grid,
  kindly contributed by Sándor Laky; asked by Attila Berenyi with
  thanks for his help.

- the time offset (defining a time zone) in GPSMan files is now
  taken into account when loading them; this may affect waypoint
  creation dates, track points time-stamps and lap start times; in
  answer to a question by Stephen Berryman.

- data items can now be opened from the \verb-Data- sub-menus and
  the list menus.

- a single type of items (apart from Group) must be chosen
  when putting to or getting from the receiver; this is avoids
  synchronization problems that may occur if the connection is

- the "translate" command accepts parameters for overrriding
  the time offsets in GPSMan files.

- the "geopicts" command can now use EXIF files (as produced,
  for instance, by "exif" or "metacam") instead of picture
  files, and can deal with different time-zones for track and pictures

- importation and exportation of KML format; contributed by Valère
  Robin, asked by Zvi Grauer.

- better support for GPX files, concerning the treatment of
  waypoint names and of character encoding.

- importation of OziExplorer waypoint files.

- examples of some commands in the section about the command-line
  mode in the user manual.

- Garmin support:

  - when getting waypoints not defined by the user from the
    receiver, those with the same name but different positions will be
    renamed instead of overwritten;
  - experimental support for changing the baud rate of a serial
    communication with some receivers. GPSMan now uses the option for
    the default baud rate in a different way. With thanks to Andy
    Walls who found out a specification of the corresponding protocol,
    and to Klaus Ethgen for his help with tests;
  - explicit support for some new receivers; with thanks to all
    those who sent protocol lists: Wouter Amsterdam, Facundo Ariel
    Perez, David W. Capella, Hiroshi Iwamoto, András
    Veres-Szentkirályi, Steven Winikoff, Stefan Heller, Greg McQuat,
    Andy Walls, Jeff Hanson, Gerry Creager, Paul B. Hoch, Johann
    Spies, Bruce Dawson, Bogdan Hlevca, Ralf Kleineisel, David
    Antliff, Slaven Rezic, Matthias Wenzel, Lovro Palaversa, Adrian
    Lawrence, Oliver Hegner, David P. Brown, M. Gutman, Jean-Yves
    Sage, Damien Porquet, Vincent Arkesteijn, Patrice Arnal, Zvi
    Grauer, James B. Mehl.

Paolo Cavallini, see: * http://www.faunalia.it/pc *