[Gfoss] GRASS 6.4 RC1

E' uscito GRASS 6.4 RC1 il 23 dicembre.

Ecco il changelog, interessantissimo:



        New modules

    * d.split.frame (Hamish)
    * g.mlist, g.mremove replaced with faster C version (Huidae Cho)
    * r.colors.stddev (Hamish)
    * r.external (Glynn)
    * r.grow.distance (Glynn)
    * r.sun (rewritten), r.horizon (Jaroslav Hofierka, Marcel Suri,
      Thomas Huld, Markus)
    * v.buffer replaced with improved version (Rosen Matev; Google SoC
      2008 project)
    * v.colors (Hamish)
    * v.delaunay replaced with improved version (Martin Pavlovsky;
      Google SoC 2008 project)
    * v.out.gpsbabel (Hamish)
    * v.parallel replaced with improved version (Rosen Matev; Google SoC
      2008 project)
    * v.to.3d (Martin Landa) <http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/82&gt;

    * NVIZ for wxPython and nviz_cmd module (Martin Landa; Google SoC
      2008 project)

        Major module changes

    * r.cost: Sped up by >50x (Glynn)
    * r.watershed: Sped up by orders of magnitude (Markus Metz)
    * v.random: Ability to generate random attribute data (Maris)
    * v.extract: Random feature extraction support (Maris)
    * v.out.ascii: New parameters 'columns' and 'where' - merged from
      addons module v.out.ascii.db (Martin)
    * wxGUI digitizer improvements including 'undo' (Martin)

    * The entire source code was re-indented (Glynn, Markus)