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Oggetto: [Gvsig_english] Advances in the internationalization of the
gvSIG project
Data: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 16:32:51 +0200
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gvSIG continues growing thanks to the very important effort its
community is doing in translating the project documentation to the
maximum amount of possible different languages.

The work of the several translation groups is showing results and
among the newest and finished translation results in the gvSIG website

- The gvSIG 1.1 developer's manual in English [1]
- The gvSIG 1.1 user's manual in Italian [2] (also available in pdf
format [3])

Recently it was announced the translated user's manual to Russian [4]
and in shortly it will be incorporated in to the gvSIG website. Other
teams continue their work. The German [5] and French [6] translation
of the gvSIG 1.1 user's manual is very far in its development.

The gvSIG team considers that the translation of the documentation is
a key component for the communication of the project. That is why we
are encouraging people interested on collaborating in this way with
the project to contact gvsig@gva.es.

We are especially interested in the participation of translators from
Spanish to English because Spanish is the main language of the
documentation. At the same time, the availability of this
documentation in English will facilitate the translation to other

About the gvSIG interface, the portuguese-brazilian translation is now
available [7] to load in gvSIG 1.1.2. To that end, the Translation
management extension [8] must be installed over gvSIG 1.1.2.

Due to the effort of its community, gvSIG keeps on developing. We
would like to thank to all collaborators for their help, specifically
to the international area of the project.

[2] https://gvsig.org/web/docusr/userguide-gvsig-1-1/view?set_language=it
[3] ftp://downloads.gvsig.org/gva/descargas/manuales/gvSIG-1_1-man-v1-it.pdf
[4] http://gis-lab.info/docs/gvsig/manual11/
[5] http://www.gvsig.org/web/docusr/userguide-gvsig-1-1/view?set_language=de
[6] http://www.gvsig.org/web/docusr/userguide-gvsig-1-1/view?set_language=fr
[8] http://www.gvsig.gva.es/index.php?id=2154&L=2

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