[Gfoss] INSPIRE Network Services Architecture , Version 3, published

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INSPIRE Network Services Architecture ,Version 3, published

Dear colleague,

The INSPIRE Network Services Architecture, Version 3 [1], has been
published on the INSPIRE site. This Network Services Architecture
document is informative and is therefore not an Implementing Rule.

Rather, it is a contribution from the Network Services Drafting Team
to help the process of developing the Implementing Rules for each of
the INSPIRE Network Services. The purpose of the document is to
provide the architectural context to enable Member States to better
understand the Implementing Rules for Network Services.

Preliminary versions of this document have already been revised in the
light of comments from the INSPIRE Consolidation team, INSPIRE
Drafting teams and the registered SDICs and LMOs.

The D3.5 v2.0 was reviewed by the SDICs and LMOs. The comment
resolution process included a workshop with their representatives and
an open workshop during the INSPIRE 2008 conference. Based on the
discussions, the Drafting Team "Network Services" resolved the
comments in this version. The table containing the comments and the
resolution is also available on the INSPIRE website.

Best regards,
The INSPIRE team

[1] http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/reports/ImplementingRules/network/D3_5_INSPIRE_NS_Architecture_v3-0.pdf
[2] http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/reports/ImplementingRules/network/D3_5_INSPIRE_NS_Architecture_to_v3-0_comments.pdf

Piergiorgio Cipriano

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