[Gfoss] Lettura interessante sul potere delle mappe "The war of the maps"


The war of the maps: the political use of maps and atlases To shape national consciousness – Israel versus the Palestinian Authority
European Journal of Geography Volume 3, Issue 1: 23-4

The purpose of this article is to examine the political uses of geographical maps made to form the national identity of pupils in the educational systems of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. People trust maps and see them as true representations of reality because cartography has an aura of scientific accuracy stemming from the notion that map and territory are identical. In fact, map drawing is interpretation rather than an exact copying of reality to paper. The map's ability to present a pre-ordered reality allows for its use as an extremely meaningful political tool. Nations and other political bodies make much use of maps for propaganda or political messages. These bodies make use of cartographic tools aimed at creating their own "truth", focusing only on those facts or "alleged facts" that might form behaviors conforming to their interests. There are also cognitive maps residing in our minds or hearts. Although intangible, they carry much weight regarding spatial decisions made by individuals. Cognitive maps are an example and concrete expression of the IsraeliPalestinian conflict. The study of the maps shows how both sides relate their own narrative of the conflict while ignoring the other side. The universal principle regarding maps used in the sphere of education states that "my map is educational - your map is propaganda.