[Gfoss] Living Labs Global Award 2012

Mi segnalano questo
Living Labs Global conducted a selection process in which dialogues
where held with more than 250 global cities.

As a result, 20 cities with more than 90 million citizens have joined
the Living Labs Global Award 2012 with a commitment to

a) present a real challenge,
b) to adhere to the accountable and transparent jury process,
c) to invite the winning solution provider to pilot their solution in
the city, and
d) join the Award Ceremony and Summit to be held in Rio de Janeiro in May 2012.

Alcune cose che hanno attirato la mia attenzione
* Digital Tourism and Cultural Experience: Derry-Londonderry seeks
technologies to create a rich, diverse and local experience of the
city's culture, heritage and touristic assets that will inspire
tourists and citizens alike.

* Free Spatial Data for Information & Services: City of Kristiansand
is looking for further development of geo-spatial and location-based
datasets to improve analysis, planning and participation in city's

* Information on Local Travel & Destinations: Fukuoka seeks solutions
to deliver real-time bus, destination and tourist information to
visitors in an easily accessible way on smartphones, screens and
mobile devices.

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