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Subject: [lusogis] Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards - Call for Authors

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De: Ramesh P. Singh
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Assunto: Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards

Dear All,

Taylor and Francis is bringing out Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards. Our
efforts are to include all kind of Natural Hazards (Earthquake,
volcano, forest fire, subsidence, droughts, floods, lightening,
landslides, dust storms, cyclone/hurricane, typhoon, erosion,
desertification, physics, observation, processes, case studies
observations, early warning, damages, population affected,
monitoring). If you are willing to write a chapter (small or large, 4
to 20 pages) and submit by November 2012, please contact Professor
Ramesh Singh, Chief Editor, Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards
(encyclopedia.naturalhazards@gmail.com) for his consideration. Once
your proposal is accepted, Taylor and Francis will send you detailed

Already we have about 75 authors, we would like to get contributions
from scientists from all the countries facing various kinds of Natural
Hazards) so I encourage all of you to contribute a chapter.
I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Ramesh Singh (rsingh@chapman.edu)