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Inoltro questo messaggio di Cristiana Sappa relativo alla conferenza
LAPSI che si terrà a Milano il 5 e 6 maggio prossimo. C'è anche un


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Da: Cristiana Sappa <cri_sappa@yahoo.it>
A: nexa@server-nexa.polito.it
Oggetto: [nexa] LAPSI conference and award: Last 9 days for submitting
a paper or an application
Data: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 14:23:52 +0000 (GMT)

Dear All,

This quick message is to remind you that:

1) you still have some days to submit a paper for the LAPSI public
conference of May 5th and 6th.
All the relevant information on the call for paper is here:

The Review Committee selecting the papers according to the call for
papers criteria is
composed of: Roger Longhorn, Rolf Nordqvist, Herbert Burkert, Paul
Uhlir, Ton Zijlstra

2) you have the same amount of days to submit an application for the
LAPSI award of May 6th.
You find the relevant information in the call for applications here:

The Review Committee selecting the applications according to the call
for applications
criteria is composed of: Rufus Pollock, Marco Ricolfi, Paul Uhlir,
Julian Valero.

Feel free to distribute this information to whoever may be concerned.

I hope to see you in Milan.

Kind Regards,

Cristiana Sappa
Project Manager, LAPSI, www.lapsi-project.eu, and EVPSI, www.evpsi.org
Postdoctoral Researcher, Torino Law School
Research Fellow, Nexa Center for Internet and Society,

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