[Gfoss] nuovo connector Python per SpatiaLite

Vi giro un annuncio sicuramente interessante per tutti quelli
interessati ad usare SpatiaLite in Python.

ciao Sandro


FYI, I want ahead and branched pysqlite, creating pyspatialite, which
is a python module for using spatialite. It builds it's own copy of
the sqlite+spatialite library, bypassing the issue of having
load_extensions enabled, and not using the system sqlite.

It is registered with pypi, so you can either grab the source and
build, or use easy_install.

It currently requires libgeos and libproj to exist on the machine.

more details at: http://code.google.com/p/pyspatialite

P.S.: I've also done the same for perl's DBD::SQLite, but I've not
released it. if anyone is interested, hit me up.