[Gfoss] Offerta di lavoro al JRC di Ispra

Buongiorno a tutti,

segnalo l'offerta di lavoro in ambito GIS al JRC (Joint Research Centre) di Ispra (VA), descritta qui sotto.
E' piuttosto ESRI/Windows oriented, ma il profilo richiesto non esclude soluzioni equivalenti, quindi anche OpenSource.
L'impegno è di 200 giorni lavorativi.

Chi fosse interessato puo' rispondere direttamente a Roberto Boca (393 9295121, roberto.boca@ext.jrc.ec.europa.eu ).




The general objective of the work is, under the guidance and supervision of
SOIL Action staff, the development of geospatial data layers and GIS- and
web-based applications under ESDAC.

More specifically, tasks will include:

a)The creation of new GIS data layers that are based on legacy and new soil
data available to the SOIL Action. These layers will be integrated in the

b) The development of web-based applications that demonstrate the
advanced querying of the layers through the Web; this requires proper user
interface configuration, server-side data processing and map production for
presentation to the user.


The results of the work will be:

- a set of new GIS-data layers for integration into ESDAC; for each new
dataset, metadata and information will need to be elaborated.

- Possibly, the integration of soil datasets into a spatial RDBMS (e.g.
Oracle Spatial)

- working operational web-mapping applications that cover soil thematic
layers; applications will include the server-side processing of the soil
data in combination with other thematic layers in order to produce
on-the-fly new maps.

Task description details
The creation of new GIS data layers

This task will investigate existing and new data available in ESDAC and
create new GIS data layers together with proper attributes. More
specifically, a new ?Soil erosion map for Europe? and ?Topsoil Organic
Carbon map for Europe? (Deliverable 1.3 and 1.4 of the SOIL Work Programme
2010) needs to be produced. The development environment will be ESRI ArcGIS
(or equivalent) and the output will be ESRI Coverages, Shapefiles and GRIDS.
These new data layers will need to be integrated into a spatial RDBMS (e.g.
Oracle Spatial or equivalent) for future querying and processing. Operating
environment will be MS Windows.

Web-based applications

This task will concentrate on the development of web-based applications that
allow the user on a Web-client to formulate simple and advanced queries that
generate on-the-fly output maps and tables, taking as input a number of GIS
datasets, whether standalone or integrated into a spatial database. The web
mapping services to be developed should have the following minimum
functionalities: map navigation, selection of layers to view, query of a
layer (info), print facility, retrieval of statistics, graphs and tables for
selected areas of interest, download of the results of the analysis. Initial
specifications will be provided by the SOIL Action staff as the work starts
and refined as the work progresses. It is expected that these specifications
will include more elaborate functionalities that require GIS operations
involving multiple spatial data layers. Operating environment will be MS
Windows. The web mapping services need to be OGC-WMS compliant.