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From: Ewan Klein <ewan.klein@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/10/7
Subject: [okfn-discuss] Examples of the impact of open data initiatives?
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Hi all,

There are many arguments given in favour of open data initiatives, including economic growth and innovation, more efficient distribution of information, government transparency, and civic participation. However, it’s surprisingly hard to find documented evidence about the impact of such initiatives: did they work well, and if so, in what way? Can their impact be measured?

This slide deck


gives a number of aggregated (and presumably estimated) figures for benefits along the lines of “SME’s grow 15% more with free geo data as opposed to paid data”, but there’s a lack of more concrete examples such as “the publication of clinical outcomes of heart surgery in the UK has led to 1,000 fewer deaths per year”.

So here’s the question: does anyone have more examples of cases where open data initiatives have made a clear difference, particularly at the level of city data?



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