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Come si vede si parla di geo dati aperti.
Spero di non dare fastidio, in tal caso ditemelo che evito e faccio sintesi di quanto si dice :slight_smile:


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in the US, the government has been operating an open data site for the
past 8 years called Geospatial One-Stop. focus has been on geospatial
datasets, services, apps, and other resources from federal, state,
local government, academia, and commercial sources.

visit the site at http://www.geodata.gov and you'll see it includes
580,000 resource descriptions from 340 partner collections.

the descriptions follow a formal government specification from the
Federal Geographic Data Committee and federal agencies are required to
described their resources following this specification.

Geospatial One-Stop implements various open search interfaces,
including OpenSearch and a specification from the Open Geospatial
Consortium called Catalog Service for the Web.

Geospatial One-Stop provides the content of the Geodata Catalog in
Data.gov through this CSW interface.

the core technology for the searchable (including spatial search and
ranking), formal metadata, and open search interfaces is available as
open source product at http://esriurl.com/geoportalserver.



On Apr 23, 4:35 pm, Ricardo Niederberger Cabral
<rica...@isnotworking.com> wrote:

In case anyone might find interesting, I've been working for the past
few weeks athttp://open.mflask.com/which is a search engine for open
data sets published by governments, private companies and other
organizations. I didn't know abouthttp://opendatasearch.org/when I
started working on it but right now Open Data Directory indexes over
35k datasets.


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