[Gfoss] Open Source GIS Conference 2012 - The Netherlands

chissa' mai, a qualcuno potrebbe interessare questa notizia: i nostri
confratelli Olandesi ci invitano alla loro conferenza annuale

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From Monday, June 25 until Thursday, 28 June 2012 the Open Source GIS
conference will be held at VanHall-Larenstein University of Applied
Sciences, Velp, The Netherlands.
This conference is organized by the MapWindow GIS, DotSpatial,
SharpMap and OSGeo.nl communities in partnership with Alumni
association VVA-Larenstein.
The purpose of the 4-day conference is to highlight significant
aspects of Open Source GIS. The conference will appeal to developers,
users, students and educators.
More info: http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/index.php

The first 3 days will have a strong international character as
developers and users from around the world gather to share experiences
and demonstrate the latest applications.
Each morning will start with a keynote and continue with several
presentations. These presentations are about Open Source GIS and Open
Data in the broadest sense possible. There will be presentations about
MapWinGIS and the SOBEK model, on SharpMap, OpenLayers, Geostatistics,
QGIS, OpenStreetMap, etc.
After lunch (included), workshops will be held.
More info: http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/abstracts-overview.php

Map contest
A map contest will be held. The winner will be revealed on Thursday
during the Network Drink /social hour. Take your best maps and go for
The maps may be made with any software package (open source or not).
More info: http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/map_contest.php

Open Xchange
On Thursday 28 June in the auditorium of Larenstein (a freely
accessible location) there will be an exhibition of companies. Various
Geo companies and institutions (large and small, Open Source or not)
will present themselves. You can also present your company,
organization or product at this exhibition. This is a great
opportunity for you to present yourselves to students, users and
developers for a participation fee of just € 400.
More info: http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/xchange.php

There are several posters to promote the conference. We want to ask
you to print one or more of them and distribute them in your
university, company and/or to your contacts.
The posters can be downloaded here:

Live stream
A large part of the conference will be recorded by H2Video. The video
recordings will be freely available after the conference. We are also
considering offering the conference as a live stream.
Using the live stream you can participate in the conference via the
Internet. We have made a short questionnaire of 4 questions about the
need for a live stream. We ask you to fill it in if you are interested
in this service.
The questionnaire can be found at http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=249460

The conference is financially dependent upon the entry fees and
sponsorship. With the money we receive, we organize not only the
conference but also provide scholarships to specific individuals who
are important in the Open Source GIS community who do not have the
financial means to come to the conference.
Go to the sponsor page
(http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/sponsors.php) for more
information on opportunities to sponsor us.

The cost structure for this conference is kept low due to
volunteerism and donations of time and resources from our partners.
Please bring your guests! Families of participants are welcome to the
register as guests and join the conference BBQ.
The registration starts at €200 for student and €300 for non-students.
The registration page can be found at

Other conferences
In the summer more GIS conferences are held in Europe.
You might consider going to one of those as well:

More info
If you want more information, you can contact me.
Would you like to give a presentation or workshop? Please submit your
abstract as soon as possible
on http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2012/abstract.php
Feel free to forward this message to a friend or colleague who you
think might be interested.


Paul Meems
Project manager 'Open Source GIS Conference 2012'

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chissa' mai, a qualcuno potrebbe interessare questa notizia: i nostri
confratelli Olandesi ci invitano alla loro conferenza annuale

stanno spammando l'universo, forse hanno bisogno di soldi.
Paolo Cavallini - Faunalia
Full contact details at www.faunalia.eu/pc

>The maps may be made with any software package (open source or not).
>Geo companies and institutions (large and small, Open Source or not)

Peccato il rinunciare alla caratteristica distintiva "Open".

Tanto varrebbe chiamarla "GIS Conference 2012", no?

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