[Gfoss] [OSGeo-Conf] conference web site/ software

Un Drupal configurato per organizzare conferenze ed eventi simili.
Si potrebbe usare per i GFOSS Days? Forse un po' overkill, ma non troppo.

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Oggetto: [OSGeo-Conf] conference web site/ software
Data: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:45:56 -0400
Mittente: Andrew Ross <andrew.ross@eclipse.org>
Organizzazione: Eclipse Foundation
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Hi All,

In case it is helpful:

Like many others, Eclipse uses the Drupal based Conference Organizing
Distribution (COD) http://www.usecod.com/ for EclipseCon and EclipseCon

In addition to the many useful features, we find it helps reduce effort,
risk, and speeds up getting quality/consistent event sites up.

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