[Gfoss] [OSGeo-Discuss] GeoREST 1.0 Released!

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per annunciare la prima “major release” di GeoREST

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Da: Jason Birch <jason@jasonbirch.com>

Data: 24 dicembre 2009 12.44.10 GMT+01.00

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Oggetto: [OSGeo-Discuss] GeoREST 1.0 Released!

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We are pleased to announce the first major release of GeoREST, a new Open Source framework for publishing and interacting with geospatial data as web resources. Among other Open Source libraries, GeoREST leverages both MapGuide and FDO as data sources.

With GeoREST 1.0 you can enable search engines to crawl your geospatial data, dynamically publish to KML, GeoRSS or any other text based format, use web forms to search and update your data, and more. All of this functionality is available entirely through configuration… no programming required!

Please visit the GeoREST project website for more information on GeoREST and the benefits it can bring to your geospatial publishing strategy.


For a quick look, here are two sites that have been using GeoREST in a production environment for over nine months, with great improvements in the accessibility of their data:


http://share.vo-ka.si/iskanje/ (Slovenian)

And an example of using OpenLayers to edit a GeoREST vector layer overlaid on a MapGuide image service:


GeoREST is an independent Open Source project licensed under LGPL, though our hope is that it will be integrated with the MapGuide project in the future. It is available for installation on the Windows platform using either the GeoREST built-in webserver or IIS.

We would love to hear what you think about GeoREST. Please join the project’s mailing list today and help us shape its future.

Jason Birch and Haris Kurtagic

P.S. Any help porting this project to run on Linux would be greatly appreciated!

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