[Gfoss] [OSSIM] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #8

Week 8 (July 18, 2009)

  1. What did I do this week:
  • Implemented a Grass shell in the pyqt gui, (it is a standard unix shell + grass environment). The history is readed directly from the grass history file deleting the duplicated lines and sorting it alfabetically (it is accessible using a combo-box). Some people suggest me to use pyredline directly i’ve sperimented it but i’m more familiar with python list and combo box approach.
  • Working to have a better rendering from the grass command that print text-infos about selected layers.
  • Rewrite the python’s tool to transfer data from postgresql to spatialite,i re-done a more-informational spatialite-db based on geonames (i included other infos,not only : name , lon, lat values). I’m Planning to add different spatialite-db (examples : one for geonames, one for gps recorded data, an other one for saved points of interest + tool to store points dircty in spatialite) this work will be integrated by routing abilities (using grass command, i’m following with interest the new great Gsoc tool about routing) .
  • Bug fixing … continue some linux/osx test, i find that ubuntu 8.10 has a bug in the sdl libraries, this give problems to detetc the “joystick-hat” using pygame. Googling and coding seems i find a walkaround using python-gobject as an alternative way to support joystick instead to use pygame (only for ubuntu8.10). The code to detect hardware is ready but i need to reimplement the joystick code from pygame to, but this is a minor issue, i’ll do it it only if really needed ubuntu8.10 support. (on more recent distro “sidux” all works fine with pygame as on osx, i’ also tried a bit … on windows platform,some adjustment i get the gui loaded and the position message working, but too many dependencies to satysfy (gpsd, pygame…)so i aborted my tests )
  • Added a Qdialog to show infos about illegal gui usage, and to manage exceptions. (it is a simply window to show a message if we done some not handled action … like : pan without selecting a pan-mode, connect gps withot existing connection etc…) for now i implemented the gui system but i need to see all the possible exception and change the message according to it.
  1. What do I plan on doing next week:
  • Continue bug fixing, gui cosmetics.
  • Recompile ossim using the last svn (thanks to the Dev team some new cool enanchemets are coming :slight_smile: ), see if it is possible to fighting against the code to send message trough tcp, i will start to read source code, i hope to be able to learn about the problem that block me to send data-message.
  1. Am I blocked on anything:
  • Continue to read and try to learn the ossim tcp inteface (target: send data using tcp connection).

Apologize me for the gap-time to present this report. …
The last week i was out of my home, without computer and internet access.
i had only the google “note-book” (paper) to make annotation about ideas
(they can ever come up … when you don’t know… at every time of the day)