[Gfoss] Ossimplanet Interaction between Grass/Qgis (osgeo - gsoc 2009)

Hi All

Please apologize me for cross posting,

i finally finished to write a web page to describe the work done this summer for the osgeo google summer of code project,
this the link :


it include a short description of the main app and include instructions on how to install it on ubuntu karmic
(my thanks to Pirmin Kalberer to make avaiable .deb packages for ossim and ossimplanet)

plese felle free to try the code and send me feedback!

the code is in active development,
any feedback is really welcome!
it can give me a great help to fix bugs, add enanchments … and motivate myself to continue its development :wink:

Special thanks to my mentor Mark Lucas and all the ossim-dev team!