[Gfoss] per chi lavora con LIDAR : libLAS 1.0

Per chi lavora con dati LIDAR in formato LAS, riporto questa notizia da

It is our pleasure to announce the first official release of libLAS.
libLAS is a C/C++ library for reading and writing ASPRS LAS version
1.0 and 1.1 data. LAS-formatted data is heavily used in LiDAR
processing operations, and the LAS format is a sequential binary
format used to store data from sensors and as intermediate processing
storage by some applications.

libLAS provides multiple programming APIs (.NET, Python, C/C++) and
commandline utilities for manipulating, creating, or reading LAS
data. libLAS is known to work on all editions of MSVC 7.1+ and GCC
4.1+ on big- and little-endian architectures. Windows binaries are
provided via OSGeo4W and a zip package, and an autoconf-based source
package can be used to build the software on various *nix platforms.

Please visit http://liblas.org/wiki/1.0.0 to obtain the current
release or to http://liblas.org/wiki/Releases to find out more
information about past unofficial releases.

Best regards,

The libLAS development team http://liblas.org/#authors