[Gfoss] Ph.D. position in the MORFEO project framework

Per vostra informazione:

SUBJECT: Data assimilation in the GEOtop-EO model of remote sensing
multispectral data to support the landslide triggering forecast
This research programme deals with the definition of methodologies for
the analysis and in the
implementation of tools to integrate satellite data into the
distributed hydrological model
GEOtop. It concerns also the development of tools for the validation
of the same model, and
in performing an appropriate sets of simulations, as requested by the
research project
MORFEO, financed by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and in
collaboration with the Italian Civil
Protection. The goal of the project is to produce prototypical tools
for the forecasting of shallow
The ideal candidate must have the knowledge of the basics of remote
sensing in the optical
range (multispectral data) and the will to acquire, if necessary,
knowledge about the SAR
imagery technologies. Moreover, the research will be implemented using
C and/or Java, and
using, besides GEOtop (www.geotop.org), the GIS system JGrass
(|www.jgrass.org). The
candidate can look also at the Dr. Rigon's presentations
in http://www.cuahsi.org/biennial2008/archive.html to get further
information about these
tools. The candidate will work in a small group that includes one
post-doc, a possible second
doctoral student, the researchers of Hydrologis, Mountain-eering,
Carlo Gavazzi Space and
other collaborators of professors Lorenzo Bruzzone and Riccardo Rigon.
To prepare the research project to be attached to the application,
prof. Riccardo Rigon will
send to each candidate who will ask for it, the material of the
project Morfeo which is not
available on-line.
The scholarship is the same of the other Ph.D. positions.

Dead line: October 15