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From: Marco Bernasocchi <marco@bernawebdesign.ch>
Date: 10 October 2013 18:55
Subject: [Qgis-developer] test new android package
To: qgis-developer <qgis-developer@lists.osgeo.org>

Hi all, I’ve been working on creating an android packae that is smaller than 50mb to fit the playstore.
the pakage now includes only a small subset of the needed libs, all other libs are downloaded on the first run by ministro.

all in all you will be downloding about 30mb for the apk plus 200mb dependencies plus 40mb qt, so do it on a wifi, i know it got bigger (used to be 150mb apk), but the adventage is that now qgis is small enough for the market (thus update notification will be available) and for each update you will have to rownload only what actually changed.

To achieve this, I created a reporitory at http://android.qgis.org/repository/ that can actually be used by any android qt app that needs any of the available libs.

so please, help me test this package and just report if the installation worked and you could start QGIS.

thanks a lot Marco


Marco Bernasocchi

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