[Gfoss] QGIS hackfest support

Dear QGIS user,
the first annual QGIS hackfest[1] is a great occasion for you to support
the development of QGIS. With your contribution you'll enable more
developers to meet in Hannover. The hackfest is an important opportunity
for the QGIS developers to discuss and collaboratively resolve bugs,
plan the direction for the project and work on new features. The
developers and contributors are donating their valuable time, so it
would be great if in-kind funding can be made available from within the
community to cover out-of-pocket expenses. All of the work that takes
place at the hackfest will be directly contributed back into the QGIS
project to the benefit of everyone who uses it.
We aim at collecting US $10 000, in order to allow at least 10
developers to come along.
Please help spreading the word.
All the best
Paolo Cavallini, see: * http://www.faunalia.it/pc *
QGIS Steering Committee, Financial/Marketing Advisor

[1] http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/QgisHackfest2009