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In breve: carto.net ha sponsorizzato lo sviluppo del driver DXF in OGR. Ora chiede se
qualcuno e' interessato a proseguire il lavoro, aggiungendo:
- il supporto alle multigeometrie in QGIS (questo sarebbe molto utile anche ad es.
- supporto per gli stili in QGIS (in modo che si possano applicare gli stili
provenienti da DXF, e possibilmente anche da altri formati, direttamente in QGIS).
A me paiono obiettivi realistici e utili, ma uso DXF troppo sporadicamente per
investirci direttamente.
C'e' qualche interessato?

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Are you aware that OGR now supports dxf? Did you test the OGR driver?


My employer paid for the initial support of dxf in ogr and is now funding
a second round of improvements regarding block references, dashed lines
and layer handling in the writer.

For QGIS to successfully digest OGR dxf it would have to deal with mixed
geometries, or split the geometry of one OGR dxf source into several QGIS

I wonder if you or someone else would be able to sponsor the QGIS side of
the dxf improvements. My employer paid for the OGR improvements, I wonder
if we can find another sponsor for the QGIS side of the improvements.

Also other formats with mixed geometries, such as DGN and Postgis would
profit from QGIS improvements regarding the handling of mixed geometries.

Another area of improvements is the OGR features styling. OGR delivers
styling information (such as stroke color, dashing, text styles, etc.)
with the DXF reader, however, currently QGIS can't digest this
information. This would also be an area where QGIS could be improved if
someone can provide the funding.

If you need more information on the topic, either discuss it here or
contact me, Frank Warmerdam or Marco Hugentobler offlist.

Andreas Neumann

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