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Come probabilmente sapete, il prossimo meeting degli sviluppatori di QGIS si terra'
in Italia, a marzo. Ovviamente perche' l'iniziativa riesca e' importante il
contributo di tutti, quindi vi inoltro l'annuncio di Gary Sherman, il capoprogetto di

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As you know QGIS has been developed primarily by a wide ranging group
of volunteers, including developers, translators, web maintainers,
artists, and documentation writers.

One of the most beneficial events has been the face-to-face developer
meetings. These events provide a venue in which major issues can be
sorted out and new features planned and prototyped. The developer
meetings thus far have been very productive in advancing QGIS.

We are currently planning a developer meeting in Pisa in the spring of
2010. The sponsorship goal for the event is 10,500 Euro ($15,000 US).
This will allow us to bring 15 developers together. Please consider
donating for this worthwhile event.

You can find information on the sponsorship program, its benefits, and
the developer meeting at http://qgis.org/en/sponsorship.html.

Thank you for supporting QGIS!


Gary Sherman
Chair, QGIS Project Steering Committee
-Desktop GIS Book:
-Spatial Hosting:
"We work virtually everywhere"
Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc