[Gfoss] rilascio SpatiaLite v2.3.1

Disponibile una nuova versione aggiornata di SpatiaLite,

Hi list,

I've just released the latest SpatiaLite v2.3.1
This version doesn't adds any new serious
feature, but contains several bug fixes.

Upgrading from v2.3.0 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

http://www.gaia-gis.it/spatialite [or]


* including SQLite v.3.6.16
* including GEOS.3 1.1
* added SQL version functions: spatialite_version(),
  proj4_version(), geos_version()
* added SQL functions: IsTiffBlob(), IsWaveletBlob()
  [RasterLite compatibility]
* now supporting the 'F' (float) datatype for DBF
  [while reading some Shapefile]

bug fixes:

* fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling MbrCache
* fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling VirtualFDO
* fixed some EXIF and EXIF-GPS inconsistencies
* fixed incorrect SRID handling for PointN(), GeometryN() ..
* fixed a nasty error [causing a crash] while parsing
  degenerated WKT geometries (single-vertex LINESTRING ...)
* fixed some ./configure oddities
  [--with-proj-include, --with-geos-include]
* and many others ...