[Gfoss] [SDI-Europe] doctoral grant (Spain): georesource discovery for virtual globes

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From: Kate Lance <klance_remote@yahoo.com>
Date: 2008/8/27
Subject: [SDI-Europe] doctoral grant (Spain): georesource discovery
for virtual globes
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Geoinfo Group, Centre for Interactive Visualization (Cevi)

Department of Information Systems

University Jaume I, Castellón, Spain

Research to be conducted on the topic (exact dissertation title to be
determined): "geo-resource discovery for virtual globes"

Keywords: metadata, information retrieval, geoindexing, data wrapping,
multidimensional data, standards, open software

…while participating in 2 related R+D projects in the field of Virtual
Globes and Spatial Data Infrastructures.

Starting date: immediately

The doctoral candidate should possess a relevant diploma and will
study the ERASMUS MUNDUS-funded Master in Geospatial Technologies (2
semestres in Castellón and 1 semestre in Münster Germany ). Upon
completion of the Master, the candidate will extend the work done on
the Masters project to develop a complete PhD thesis during the next
18 months.

The stipend will be approximately €1000/month plus waiver of academic
fees during the first 18 months, €1200 thereafter. (Shared apartments
in Castellón are about €200/month/person; beach rentals possible).

Master coursework, publication and thesis language: English. Knowledge
of Spanish an obvious advantage.

Master: www.mastergeotech.info (for access to website contact Michael Gould)

Interested candidates should contact:

Michael Gould

Dept. Information Systems (LSI)

Universitat Jaume I, 12071 Castellón , Spain .

email: gould (at) lsi.uji.es


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