[Gfoss] [SoC] [OSSIM] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #10

Hi All,

this week was a cool and bad week at same time …

cool :

  • i finally get the base code (not all the tools yet) working in qgis as a python plug-in

  • added UTM coordinates + zone in the display based on different ellipsoids [1]

  • working on a function to move the planet “smooth and slow” bettween 2 point
    (simply it generate intermediate points along a geodetic lines to connect 2 points)
    this work is not finished yet but it is promising [2]

  • finished the tool to reproject, traslate, rotate a vector (i need to finish the “scale” function)
    for now it works on shp file but it can work on all the ogr format.
    the reprojection tool is based on 2 set of gcp to solve a last square system (only planimetry)
    (you can choose between affine or conforme transformation)

  • i’m playng with ossimplanet viewer and it’s new cool function (efemeridi, cloud, fog, visibility)
    i’ll add a new grass script to simply run ossimplanet viewer using presected files …
    here a nice screenshoot :slight_smile:
    night : http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/1742/immagine6c.png
    day : http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/5783/immagine7l.png

what i’ll do the next week :

  • i’ll work hard on the qgis side to go ahead about the gsoc code “porting”
  • work on the geodetic “smooth-slow” moving bettween 2 positions
  • working on how to customize the grass vector rendering (point size, line width, colors…)

bad things :

this week i broken the internal disk of my laptop … “lucky” it is readable but not writable
… so i had to buy a new one and reinstall all my needed sw on it (i know it is a little OT
… but this issue braked me)

best regards and happy summer!


i re-used LatLongUTMconversion and pyproy :
[1] http://code.google.com/p/pyproj/
[2] http://pygps.org/#LatLongUTMconversion