[Gfoss] SourceForge si adatta alle leggi USA


Since 2003, the SourceForge.net Terms and Conditions of Use have
prohibited certain persons from receiving services pursuant to U.S.
laws, including, without limitations, the Denied Persons List and
the Entity List, andother lists issued by the U.S. Department of
Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security. The specific list of
sanctions that affect our users concern the transfer and export of
certain technology to foreign persons and governments on the sanctions
list. This means users residing in countries on the United States
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanction list, including Cuba,
Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, may not post content to, or
access content available through, SourceForge.net. Last week,
SourceForge.net began automatic blocking of certain IP addresses to
enforce those conditions of use.

Google Code già da anni segue la legge USA a questo riguardo (e non si
capisce bene perché sia stato salutato con grande giubilo il recente
"rifiuto" di collaborare alla censura cinese).

Come dire: le licenze libere aiutano, ma non bastano. Mi domando se
tecnicamente SourceForge non stia (come minimo) violando la licenza di
tutto il codice sotto GNU GPL, in riferimento all'articolo 12 (v3) o 7


P.S. no, non è off-topic

Stefano Costa
http://www.iosa.it/ Open Archaeology