[Gfoss] Stop ACTA in Europe, February 11th

Dear all,
I forward message from FSF mailing-list. Please take action against ACTA in Europe.

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From: Matt Lee <info@fsf.org>
Date: 2012/2/1
Subject: Stop ACTA in Europe, February 11th
To: domenico giusti <guiist@gmail.com>

Last week we told you of the ongoing move in Europe against ACTA – now coordinated protests are taking place across Europe on February 11th, and here’s how you can get involved…

Get involved!- Read ‘Signed, not sealed’ and contact your country’s Members of the European Parliment

If you’re not in Europe, please help spread the word to people who are. Defeating it in Europe is the first step to ending it once and for all.

For a refresher on why ACTA threatens free software, see http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/acta.

Thank you for speaking up against ACTA,

Matt, Josh and John

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