GSoC-2024 Introduction: Chetan Mahajan

Hello Community Members,

I am Chetan Mahajan, a grad student at Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

I would like to thank the OSGeo and istSOS communities, along with the GSoC admins, for giving me this opportunity to work as a Contributor in GSoC 2024 for istSOSμ support for STAC.

I’ve created my OSGeo User Profile [1], also I have added link to my wiki page for progress tracking and public repository on the accepted student’s wiki page [2].
I am also sharing my GitHub [3] and LinkedIn [4] profile pages.

In the past few days, I became familiar with Google’s GSoC student guide and OGGeo’s specific instructions.
I am excited and also eager to learn and contribute to the OSGeo and istSOS communities this summer.

Thanks & Regards,
Chetan Mahajan

[1] User Profile: chetanm
[2] Wiki page: Google Summer of Code 2024 Accepted
[3] GitHub : cOsprey
[4] LinkedIn : chetanm