GSoC-2024 Introduction: Dhruv Mehta

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dhruv Mehta. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and
Engineering and am currently pursuing my Master’s at IIT Bombay in India.

I deeply appreciate the OSGeo and ZOO-Project communities, as well as the
GSoC admins, for granting me the chance to participate as a Contributor in
GSoC 2024. I am excited to be involved in advancing the ZOO-Project testing
capabilities project.

I’ve completed several tasks during the community bonding period, including
creating my OSGeo User Profile [1], adding links to my wiki pages and
public repository on the accepted student’s wiki page [2], and thoroughly
reading Google’s GSoC student guide along with OSGeo’s specific

I’m deeply motivated to contribute to OSGeo and the ZOO-Project, and I’m
eager to make substantial improvements through my contributions. You can
find my Github [3] and LinkedIn [4] profiles attached for your reference.

Thanks and Regards,
Dhruv Mehta

[2]Google Summer of Code 2024 Accepted - OSGeo