GSoC-2024 Introduction: Filippo Finke

Dear Community Members,

I am Filippo Finke, a third-year Bachelor of Computer Science student at SUPSI in Switzerland. Please find my Github [1] and LinkedIn profile [2] attached for your reference.

I would like to express my gratitude to the OSGeo and istSOS communities, as well as GSoC admins, for giving me the opportunity to work as a Contributor in GSoC 2024, specifically on implementing support for data array extension for the istSOS project.

During the community bonding period, I completed the following tasks, including this email:

  • Created my OSGeo User Profile [3].
  • Added links to my wiki pages and public repository on the accepted student’s wiki page [4].
  • Read Google’s GSoC student guide and OGGeo’s specific instructions.

I am thrilled to learn and contribute to the OSGeo and istSOS communities this summer.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Filippo Finke

[1] filippofinke (Filippo Finke) · GitHub
[3] User:Filippofinke - OSGeo
[4] Google Summer of Code 2024 Accepted - OSGeo

Hi Filippo,

Thank you for your introduction, and welcome back to OSGeo again :slight_smile:
We are excited to see your work in the coming period.

Looking forward to seeing all the other selected contributors update the wiki page and introduce themselves!