GSoC 2024: Week 0 Report: GRASS: Add EODAG Support to GRASS GIS

1) What did I get done this week?

  • Finished Wiki setup.
  • Throughly read EODAG documentation, and got familiar with its capabilities.
  • Got familiar with the contribution guidelines.
  • Created an initial add-on, with some basic features of EODAG, and went through the compilation process.
  • Setup development environment.

2) What do I plan on doing next week?

  • I plan on designing and building the initial structure for the i.eodag module.

3) Am I blocked on anything?

  • I will be having my final exams for the next two weeks. I have started working on the module and done extra research so that I can extend my work during the exams period. I won’t stop working during that period, but I might not have as much time, so I will get some extra work done before and after the exams to catch up, and so no work will be compromised.

4) Meetings attended during the community bonding period:

  • May 16th 2024: Introductory meeting about EODAG, and what are the expected results, and how will the add-on be used.
  • May 23rd 2024: Discussing module structure and features.

Hi Hamed!

Thanks for your report! For the upcoming ones, make sure you include links to your project wiki page and either PRs or the repo where you are working on.

Best of lucks in your exams!

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