GSoC 2024 - Week 1 | Add EODAG Support - GRASS GIS

Hello everyone,

Following is the week 1 report, for adding EODAG support to GRASS GIS, GSoC 2024.

  1. What did I get done this week?
  • Built the initial version of i.eodag, found in this pull request [1].
  • Added feature for searching & downloading by product (aka. dataset) type.
  • Added the following parameter for searching:
    • Start time and end time. Users can specify any time that complies with ISO 8601, including adding the timezone.
    • AOI. As for now, it uses the current computational region, and supporting GeoJSON will be added next week.
    • Provider. Currently specifying a provider is required by the user, and search won’t be done without it. It is planned to add a way to search broadly without specifying a provider.
  • Added feature for downloading products by their IDs.
  • Added option for the user to specify their custom EODAG config file [2].
  1. What do I plan on doing next week?
  • Add cloud coverage parameter for searching.
  • Add printing for relevant metadata information, regarding the products found by searching, and relevant configurations set by the user.
  • Add saving results as a GeoJSON, allowing users to save the search results locally and then load them later, to perform downloading or further filtering.
  • Add an option to download products from a list of IDs saved in a text file.
  • Add handling of AOI as GeoJSON.
  1. Am I blocked on anything?
  • Nothing, except the previously mentioned exams, but everything is going well.

My fork repository can be found here [3].
My wiki page can be found here [4].
The log of Pull Requests can be found here [5].

Kind regards,
Hamed A. Elgizery

[1] i.eodag: add i.eodag module by HamedElgizery · Pull Request #1090 · OSGeo/grass-addons · GitHub
[2] Configure EODAG
[3] GitHub - HamedElgizery/grass-addons at i.eodag
[4] GRASS GSoC 2024 EODAG Support - GRASS-Wiki
[5] GRASS GSoC 2024 EODAG Support - GRASS-Wiki

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