GSOC 2024: Week 1 Report: pgRouting: Implementing Brandes Betweenness Centrality

  • What I got done this week?
  • Attended weekly meeting on Monday(May 27th 2024)
  • Changed the name of the function from pgr_bradesBetweennessCentrality to just pgr_centrality
  • Added some of the necessary files for implementing pgr_centrality.
    • doc/metrics/ - CMakeLists.txt, metrics-family.rst, pgr_centrality.rst
    • docqueries/metrics - CMakeLists.txt, doc-centrality.result, doc-centrality.test.sql, test.conf
    • sql/metrics - CMakeLists.txt, _centrality.sql, centrality.sql
    • src/metrics - CMakeLists.txt, centrality.c, centrality_driver.cpp
  • Modified the files in the sql/ and src/ directories (licenses and function names)
  • Added metrics to configuration.conf
  • Studied BGL’s Brandes Algorithm for Betweenness Centrality and wrote a small code snippet for it on the sample data.(Link)
  • What I Plan on doing during June 3 - June 9, 2024?

    • Finishing up the basic code skeleton by adding the relevant driver files and pgtap files.
    • Start working on sample test cases for the documentation and on the documentation
  • Am I Blocked on anything?

    • The job that I have right now has me working 12 hour shifts (can be night shifts later on) on a 20 days on and 10 days off split. So the hours that I put in might not be enough right now as I am getting used to the work culture and schedule. I will restructure the deliverables such that I do most of the work during those 10 days off and hit the mid term evaluation goals on time.
      Luckily, I will have my holidays from June 15th and will be able to dedicate more time to cover up for the previous weeks.
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