GSoC 2024: Week 3 Report: Improve GRASS user experience in Jupyter Notebook

Hello everyone,

I would like to provide an update on the work completed during the third week of my coding period.

Progress Report for the Third Week:

  1. Accomplishments:
  • Query Button in InteractiveMap [1]:
    • Added a Popup button to display the queried point.
    • Enabled support for multiple raster and vector layers.
  • Computational Region Drawing [2]:
    • Began work on allowing users to draw a computational region.
  1. Plans for the Next Week:
  • Continue developing the feature to allow users to draw computational regions.
  • Improve the Query Mode functionality.
  1. Blockers:
  • None

[1] Add Query Button to InteractiveMap
[2] Allow Users to draw computational region

For more information, you can check the following links:

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